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When to book your newborn photo session?

7 days to 21 days is an ideal time for newborn photography. In this period, baby’s bones and gristles are very flexible and your baby can be placed in very cute poses. 

After 3 weeks and later, bones have started fusing together. Then it becomes difficult to make pose off. However, every baby is different. If you are looking for lovely newborn poses that melt your heart, I would suggest the sooner the better.


Where your session is held?

Your newborn session will take place in our studio or in the client's house/apartment.


How long will your session take?

Newborn sessions can take 3 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding and comforting.



Within 1 week after your session, we will email you for your private online proofing gallery. The online gallery will remain active for 7 to10 days. Once you finalized the selection, we will finish final editing and album design and it will be shared again to get the final confirmation for printing. Within 10 days, the final hard copy album will be delivered to your address. Delivery completely depends on courier service.

Session Information


Please be with us and allow us to show a few more images, hope you will enjoy your time