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Riya is a smart looking model. She is quite new in this fashion world. However, her expression wont say that. She has great posing style and melody posture that attract a lot. Western dresses would be great choice for with her.

Nowadays, Internet has changed the modelling industry, but the shifts aren’t entirely about who has the biggest social following or uploads the cutest Snapshots.

Even many models are eager to share their personal stories and passions with an audience who appreciates them for their personalities—not just their ability to pose and we are the “Little Elly Photography” sharing their lovely images and stories with you behalf of “Suman Karmakar Photography”. So love them and encourage them that helps them to work ahead.

It was a one hour shoot at Rajarhat, Kolkata. We are happy to showcase some images of her. Hope you will enjoy our work.

Model: Riya

(Height: 5'1" Bust: 34 Waist: 30 Hips: 32 Hair: Brown Eyes: Black Shoes: 5)

Photography & Editing - Suman Karmakar

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